Three Types Of Decorative Concrete Engraving To Consider

Posted on: 3 September 2019

One of the many different types of decorative concrete that can go a long way toward augmenting the look of one of your outdoor spaces is an engraved area. Whether your contractor engraves the concrete after it has set or leaves a spot in the concrete to drop in a custom-engraved section, the end result will be an area that will turn people's heads as they pass. Before you choose your concrete contractor for this work, don't be shy about asking prospective contractors to show you examples of past engravings that they've done. Evaluating this work will help you to select the right concrete professional for the job. Here are three types of decorative concrete engraving to consider.

School Team Logo

If you're tackling an exterior renovation project for your school's athletics department and concrete will be a big part of this work, there may be an opportunity for some custom engraving. For example, if you'll be building a concrete walkway that runs from the team's locker rooms to the fields of play, adorning this walkway with some engraving can make this walk special. A simple option is to have the name and logo of the team, but you can also kick things up a notch by having a list of its league or state championships engraved in the concrete, too.

Business Branding

Virtually any type of business — especially one that wants to stand out from its competitors — can consider some decorative concrete engraving. For example, if you operate a bistro that has a poured concrete patio behind the establishment, an engraved section of this patio can be ideal. Whether you choose the name of your bistro or go with a simple, universal slogan such as "Bon Appetit" that greets patrons as they walk across the space, this is a useful way to make your patio appear even more special.

Residential Usage

Homeowners may also want to think about this type of decorative concrete work when they're doing some landscaping. For example, if you're having a new patio put down, talk to your contractor about some custom engraving. There are many directions that you can take with this type of work. For example, if you've just built a custom home that you expect to stay in for a long time, your last name and the year that the home was built can be a sentimental addition when engraved into a section of your patio.