Dealing With Water Damage

Posted on: 27 May 2020

Residential flood damage from a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, a monsoon, or another type of dangerous storm, isn't the only water to worry about when it comes to your home. No matter what the weather is outside, your home can still be at risk from water damage that can come from your plumbing system. This article will educate you on the risks of water damage from your plumbing and offer you some other information you'll want to know about. 

How your plumbing can cause water damage

You should try to avoid getting frozen pipes during colder months when the temperature dips below freezing. Make sure your pipes that are exposed on the exterior of your home are properly insulated or that other measures are taken to prevent them from freezing. Always keep the inside temperature warmer, even when you aren't home for a prolonged period of time. If you have a frozen pipe, call a plumber out for an emergency call to properly thaw the pipe to prevent it from bursting. It's important to know that pipes can burst for other reasons as well and this can leave you with a lot of water damage. This is especially true if you aren't at home to turn off the main water valve when it happens. 

How a toilet can cause water damage

If you are like many people, you've only ever experienced a toilet overflowing after you have flushed it. This is good because you are right there to either lift the flapper in the tank to stop the water from pouring onto the floor, or to shut the water off with the knob behind the toilet. However, it is possible for a toilet to suddenly overflow on its own if there is a clog somewhere in the sewer line. If you aren't home when the toilet floods, then you can return to extensive water damage. 

How your septic can backup into your home

A horrible thing to have happen when you aren't home is for your septic system to backup into your home. This will leave you walking into your home only to find that there is water damage on top of sewage inside your home. The best way for you to prevent this from happening is to make sure you have your septic pumped when the time comes for it to be done. 


As soon as you find your home has had a flood of any kind, you want to get someone out to dry it out and tend to any and all water damage.