Is It Good to Clean Your Chimney Before Fall?

Posted on: 17 June 2020

If you reside in an area prone to cool to cold autumns or falls, you might use your fireplace to keep warm. But if you haven't cleaned out your chimney in a while, you want to do so before cold weather sets in. Chimneys can become polluted with soot and other substances over time. If you have soot in your chimney, remove it soon. Learn more about the hazards of soot and why you should remove it below.

Is Soot Really That Dangerous?

Most homeowners fear the dangers of creosote. However, creosote isn't the only byproduct created by coal- and wood-burning appliances. Fireplace wood, coal, and other types of fuel can also produce soot. Soot can be just as dangerous for your health as creosote.

Soot is a powdery waste product created by the incomplete combustion of fuel. Soot can be black or brown and has the potential to stick to the surfaces of your chimney. Large amounts of soot can block airflow through your chimney and prevent smoke from leaving your home. Soot can also become hot enough to ignite into a fire. 

Soot isn't the only contaminate you want to remove from your chimney. You also want to remove creosote, tar, and ash from your chimney. To do so, contact a chimney cleaning company right away.

Can You Remove Debris From Your Chimney?

A chimney sweeper or company can assess your chimney for blockages and pests before they clean it. Animals can take advantage of a dirty chimney over time. If animals live inside your chimney, a contractor may recommend you remove the pests before they clean it. Some chimney cleaning companies will remove animals from their customers' chimneys.

The chimney cleaning process can take time to complete. A sweeper may need to clean out your fireplace and firebox first. These places can harbor a significant amount of soot, tar, and ash. Once a contractor cleans out the fireplace and firebox, they'll clean the rest of your chimney, including the flue or exhaust system on your roof.

If a contractor notices problems with your chimney, such as a missing cap or flue liner, they may replace these items for you. A cap can help keep pests out of your chimney, and a flue liner can help direct smoke and other combustible chemicals out of your chimney when you use your fireplace.

If you need to remove soot and other debris from your chimney, contact a sweeper or chimney cleaning company today.