Tools You May See Used During A Land Survey With A Professional Contractor

Posted on: 31 July 2020

Whether you are selling a piece of your property, preparing to sell your farm, or even buying a piece of land, a land surveying professional is going to be a must. Here is a look at some of the tools these pros use on the job. 

Aerial Surveying Drone 

One of the tools you may be surprised to see a land surveyor using is a drone, but when you consider how much value a drone can bring to the process, it is easy to understand why a drone makes good sense. The surveyor may use the drone to capture aerial footage of certain parts of the property, to take measurements from the air, or to aid in the process of creating topographic maps that include certain land features. 

3D Scanners 

3D scanners are typically used to assess the ground of the land. For example, if there are underground caves or potential burial plots on the property, the surveyor may use a 3D scanner to get a closer look at what lies beneath the ground's surface. Likewise, it is not uncommon for some tracts of land to have buried boundary markers that are not always visible aboveground. This information can then be used to make notations on the land deed about the location of certain property attributes.


A theodolite is a tool that is more unique to the land surveying process. This optical instrument makes it possible to deliver accurate distance between things like angles, the horizon, and a property point or objects on a plane. You will likely see the land surveyor use the theodolite on several different points of the property, and they will be taking notes of the data they harvest as they do. 

Digital Measuring Tape 

A digital measuring tape is capable of judging the distance between two points without actually having to walk the full expanse of the distance being measuring These measuring systems utilize a laser to gather measurement data, and they can be highly accurate. You may see the land surveyor mount the unit on top of a tripod as they are taking measurements, which helps to stabilize the laser and deliver the most accurate results. 

GPS Unit 

A GPS unit is a common tool in a land surveyor's tool kit and could be deemed as one of the most useful pieces of equipment. The GPS unit can deliver precise latitudinal and longitudinal location markers for the surveyor to use as they examine boundary lines and other property notations. 

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