4 Tips To Help You Design The Best Custom Cabinets

Posted on: 4 August 2020

When it comes to designing custom cabinets, you want to make sure that you are designing functional cabinets that fit your specific kitchen needs. Creating the right cabinets for your kitchen requires thought and communication with your custom cabinet design team.

#1: Start by Making a List of Everything You Store in Your Kitchen

The first thing you are going to want to do is to make a master list of everything that you store in your kitchen. This list should include things such as small appliances, gadgets, serving ware, and everyday items. You should also include the things you like to keep in your pantry and any items you would want to have in your kitchen if you had space.

By creating a list of everything you use or could use in your kitchen, you can then check that list as you work through the design process to make sure that you are designing a spot for everything. You want your custom kitchen cabinets to allow for all your kitchen items to have their own storage spot.

#2: Consider What Appliances Require Electricity

As you make a list of everything that you need a place for in your kitchen, consider what appliances need electricity and how you can provide that. For example, you can have a cabinet that you sit your microwave in, with an outlet in the back.

Or you can have a rolling drawer for your bread with a toaster inside, with an outlet in the back of that cabinet. Or perhaps you want an outlet near where you store items you pull out and put back away, such as a blender. Design your cabinets to work with and allow for the necessary outlets to run your small appliances.

#3: Add a Little Extra

Once you have designed cabinets for everything on your master list, try to add some extra storage space. Maybe you'll add some deep drawers to your island so you have extra places to hold things like serving trays.

Or perhaps you'll add an extra row of cabinets to the wall or create a large pantry. Make sure you add a little extra storage to account for the things you may have forgotten or the things you are not even aware of yet that you may add to your kitchen someday. You don't want to have just enough storage; you want to have some extra wiggle room.

#4: Consider Some Open Storage

All your cabinets do not have to be shut. If you have dishes or items that you like the look of, you can also add some open-air cabinets that leave items exposed, or you can add some glass doors to some of your cabinets if you want to have some items in your kitchen on display and you don't want to have everything hidden away.

When designing custom cabinets, you want to start by making a list of everything you store in your kitchen and make a separate list of everything that requires electricity. Plan cabinets for all these items. Be sure to add some extra cabinets for unanticipated future storage needs, and consider adding open cabinets if you want to show off any of your kitchen items.