Reasons You May Need Concrete Lifting Services

Posted on: 18 August 2020

Concrete lifting services can repair concrete by leveling it out and stabilizing it. But when would you need concrete lifting services? Here are some of the potential situations in which concrete lifting services could come to your aid.

1. Earthquake

Because an earthquake literally shakes the ground, the stability of the soil beneath your concrete can be temporarily or even permanently lessened after a quake. This could mean that the concrete breaks immediately, or simply that it starts to settle after the quake. In either case, you'll need concrete lifting to get it back to where it needs to be.

2. Erosion

Erosion can be an insidious enemy of concrete. Water can pool or run around the concrete slab's perimeter, washing away the soil that helps keep the concrete level. Over time, the effects of erosion could cause concrete to settle unevenly or even crack. If this happens to your concrete, having a professional come out to reposition and repair the concrete is your best bet.

3. Dehydrated Soil

Tree roots can consume huge amounts of water, feeding it into the parent tree to propel growth. If your home has a tree near one side, the tree roots beneath your foundation could enhance the dryness of the soil during dry spells, especially on the side nearest the tree. This could mean that side of the foundation settles differently than the side without tree roots.

This same type of dehydration can occur under any concrete slab near a tree. And when two sides of a concrete slab settle differently, you can end up with a slab that's stressed, cracked, or sloped and uneven. Concrete lifting services are a must when any of these situations occurs.

4. Freeze-Thaw Damage

Water can also damage concrete directly through freeze-thaw damage. When porous concrete absorbs water, the water can then freeze inside the concrete on cold nights and expand. Sometimes this expansion causes tiny cracks in the concrete, which can then absorb more water and crack further next time the concrete freezes.

Although this type of damage doesn't necessarily destabilize the ground beneath the concrete, it can still result in cracks. A large enough crack down the concrete can allow the two halves of the concrete to settle in different directions, making the slab unusable. Fortunately, with concrete lifting services, your slab can become level and flat again.

Whether the concrete in question is your patio, your driveway, the foundation of your house, or just your porch steps, residential concrete lifting services can help. Call a local concrete lifting contractor today to discuss the services available.