3 Reasons To Rent A Crash Truck During Road Construction

Posted on: 24 August 2020

Highways and freeways are filled with more vehicles than ever before. The steady stream of traffic traveling down these public roadways is often sustained throughout the night. This leaves construction crews with a unique problem: doing road work and repairs while vehicles speed by.

To combat the increase in traffic, many construction companies rely on crash trucks to keep crew members and drivers safe. A crash truck is a specialized vehicle that is fitted with a truck-mounted impact attenuator.

Renting a truck equipped with an attenuator for the duration of your project can be a simple and effective way to reduce the potential for injury on your road construction sites in the future.

1. Reduce Collision Impact

No construction crew wants to encounter a driver that collides with a piece of their equipment, but these types of collisions do happen. A crash truck can be a valuable tool that helps minimize the amount of damage caused to both the private vehicle and the crash truck itself in the event of a collision.

The attenuator that is mounted on your rented crash truck is designed to absorb the excess energy generated during a collision. By absorbing this energy instead of merely transferring it, an attenuator can reduce damage to the vehicles involved in a collision and significantly reduce the potential for serious injury during any crash.

Investing in a truck-mounted attenuator for your road construction site improves the overall safety of the site when private vehicles are operating in close proximity to your construction zone.

2. Redirect Errant Vehicles

Truck-mounted attenuators can minimize the effects of a collision further by redirecting any errant vehicles that come into contact with the crash truck. The attenuators that are found on crash trucks typically feature curved edges. These curved edges help to deflect any oncoming vehicles away from the crash truck.

By deflecting a vehicle away from the crash truck, a quality attenuator can prevent either vehicle from being subjected to the full impact of a collision.

Damage is kept to a minimum when the deflection process is successful. The safety of your crew members and drivers on the open road is preserved with the help of a truck-mounted attenuator.

3. Provide Sufficient Warning

A lot of major road work takes place in the middle of the night. Construction crews plan their work schedule during the night hours in an attempt to minimize the number of passing vehicles near the construction zone.

Although there might be less traffic at night, there is also less visibility for drivers who are on the roadway. The lack of visibility makes the use of warning indicators vital for construction crews working at night. A crash truck can be a useful tool in helping supplement your crew's on-site warning system.

The truck-mounted attenuator will be equipped with flashing lights that alert drivers to the presence of a construction crew. Many crash trucks also come equipped with reflective or LED signs that can assist in directing traffic.

Your crew members can light up an arrow on the crash truck that lets drivers know a specific lane is closed, which can reduce the potential for an accidental collision when working on a road construction site at night.

Every road construction crew needs access to the right equipment for a project to be successful. A crash truck should be considered an essential piece of equipment if you want to protect your crew and the public against harm.

Renting a crash truck offers an affordable and convenient way to enhance the safety of your construction area as you work to repair public roadways in the future.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers crash truck rentals.