Custom Aluminum Fencing Systems for an Affordable and Durable New Fence Solution

Posted on: 30 August 2021

There are many different types of fencing materials, but people are generally familiar with the most common ones, including wood, chain link, and metal. Many homeowners have a preference for conventional materials such as wood because of their beauty. However, one fencing material offers all the benefits of wood, yet it comes with fewer of its disadvantages—aluminum! Keep reading about custom aluminum fencing that you can have installed for your property:

Why Consider an Aluminum Fence for Your Home?

You might be wondering why you should be considering an aluminum fence for your property. Aluminum fencing styles can mimic other materials without the pitfalls like corrosion of iron for a metal design or rot that comes with wood fencing. In addition, it is also more attractive than chain link fencing systems. Lastly, aluminum fencing is also more affordable than many of the other materials available today.

Add Beauty and Functionality to Your New Fence

If you are concerned about the appearance of your new fence and are willing to consider several fence systems, look into custom aluminum fencing systems. These systems utilize an extrusion process that allows precise control over the fence's geometry—often resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing look.

There are also functional features that you might want to add to the design of an aluminum fence. These features can include things like security gates for a pool enclosure or lighting for the fence line near a road. Discuss the functionality of your fence and the features you want to add to its design with your installer.

Aluminum Fencing Solutions for Different Properties

Another option that you want to consider is the needs of your new fencing. If you need to have a fence installed for pets, you want specific features to prevent them from escaping and ensure their safety. These features can be the sections being flush with the ground or having a masonry parapet wall beneath them. It can also be smaller gaps to prevent animals from getting their heads stuck. You might want an aluminum privacy fence with a solid design that resembles wood privacy fence designs. You can also add features like windscreens or shrubbery to enhance privacy without affecting the aesthetic appearance of your new fence.

Find out about the benefits of aluminum fencing solutions over other types of fences. Contact an aluminum fencing service like Ornamental Design Ironworks Inc to discuss these options for the needs of your home.