Why It's Recommended To Let A Professional Handle Septic Tank Pumping

Posted on: 7 September 2021

Regardless of size and age, every septic tank requires waste removal. It will fill up over the months, and pumping is the only way to keep this system working great. Such a service requires assistance from a professional septic tank pumping company, for these reasons in particular.

Properly Use and Navigate Vacuum Truck

A vacuum truck is needed to remove all waste from a septic tank. There will be a lot of it, but this truck can support it all and in a controlled way. The only way to properly maneuver this truck around your septic system is to hire a professional pumping company.

They can drive it around your property carefully so as to not damage surrounding structures, as well as manipulate the vacuuming components effectively. That will keep this pumping process clean and safe the entire time. After enough pumping has occurred, they can carefully navigate the truck around your property again and leave.

Ensure Vacuum Line Is Connected Properly

In order for septic tank pumping to go on smoothly, the vacuum lines connected to the truck have to be set up the right way. Otherwise, leaks could happen that then create odor and sanitary problems.

A professional septic tank pumping company will keep both problems at bay thanks to their in-depth knowledge of pumping equipment. Vacuum lines will be set up to where a tight seal is made, keeping waste inside these lines completely until it enters the vacuum truck's storage compartment.

Effectively Break Up Sludge

There will be sludge inside your septic tank that needs to be broken up a bit before pumping can take place. A professional company that offers septic tank pumping services is more than capable of completing this task. They know what methods and tools to use when working sludge around your tank.

They'll still be careful and precise though so as to not damage any interior parts of the tank. After sludge has been manipulated enough, the company can begin pumping and have more success. There shouldn't be any interruptions caused by clog or flow issues. Ultimately, this will speed up the pumping process. 

Septic tank pumping is a requirement if you have said system, but it's not a service you want to try dealing with. You can avoid all issues by working with a septic tank pumping company. They have advanced pumping equipment and understand how to manipulate it correctly for smooth waste pumping each time it's required. Get in touch with a local septic tank pumping service to get started.