3 Common Uses Of Concrete Barriers In Construction Works

Posted on: 25 October 2021

Concrete barriers are ubiquitous in various construction works, especially road works. They play a vital safety role in preventing vehicles and people from stumbling into construction areas. They are mobile, which makes them ideal for safety needs as construction moves along. Although they are mostly used in roadworks, they are versatile enough for use in other construction works, including commercial construction. Where can you put these structures to good use?

1. Traffic Management

Construction concrete barriers are effective traffic management aids because of their flexibility in placement. For example, you can place them in a curved line to guide traffic along a bend. Roadworks concrete barriers are painted in high visibility, luminous and reflective colors for night vision.

Concrete barriers are also useful in guiding traffic within construction sites. They can partition traffic lanes to make vehicle movement safer and more efficient. A concrete barrier is designed to push a vehicle back onto the road and help a driver regain control. Their heavy base makes them immovable even against heavy-duty trucks.  

Apart from directing vehicular traffic, concrete barriers can also be useful in directing pedestrian traffic. They are effective barriers, especially when they are high and painted in high-visibility colors. Moreover, they can be very useful in preventing accidents.

2. Prevent Unauthorized Access

Sometimes you want to restrict access through certain points. For example, when shifting a gate, you can place concrete barriers to block the old access road. Construction concrete barriers are very heavy and immovable enough to deter trespassing vehicles.

You can use concrete barriers to protect a construction site where work has been paused.  The immobility of the concrete barriers is effective against unauthorized entry by plunderers.  

High concrete barriers are good for maintaining privacy on a construction site. They are more cost-effective than erecting a perimeter wall.  The bulky, dense look of the barriers creates a psychological barrier that discourages curiosity.

3. Partitioning a Construction Site   

A busy construction site can quickly get disorganized with different machinery, equipment, and vehicles competing for space. You can make a construction site more orderly by partitioning it using concrete barriers.  

They can create separate bays for small cars,  heavy machinery,  operational offices, and recreation spaces. Concrete barriers are very useful in enforcing respect for these partitions.  It increases efficiency in traffic management and reduces accident risks on a construction site.  It also makes it easier for operations management when you can easily see people and assets on site.

Would you like to see better traffic management and security on your construction site? Talk to a construction contractor, like Milwaukee Scaffolding Inc., about installing concrete barriers on the site.