Does Your Commercial Property Require Immediate Fire Sprinkler System Repairs?

Posted on: 4 January 2022

Despite the range of hazards that your commercial property is faced with, from natural disasters to theft and even vandalism, fire remains at the top of the list since this disaster can wreak calamitous havoc to your building, employees and customers, to the point that you would have to cease operations. Therefore, irrespective of the size of your commercial property, whether you run a small motel or a large mall, it is mandatory to have a fire suppression system in place to mitigate the spread of flames.

One of the most common solutions that commercial property owners will invest in is a fire sprinkler system. While fire sprinkler systems are fairly simple to maintain and operate, there will come a time when you would need to hire professional repairs to keep this system functional. So how can you tell if your commercial property requires immediate fire sprinkler system repair?

Rust on the hardware

Admittedly, since fire sprinkler systems are designed to utilize water, they should not be venerable to corrosion. However, the degree to which they keep rust at bay is directly dependent on the maintenance provided to the system. If you are not hiring professionals to lubricate the system and fix minor chips and scratches before they worsen, it is only a matter of time before rust starts to form on the hardware.

It is also worth keeping in mind that signs of corrosion may not be as obvious as visible rusting on the exterior of the hardware. Rather, you should also keep an eye out for brownish water coming from the fire sprinkler system, a noxious rotten egg odor, and so on. The moment you suspect the presence of rust, it is vital that you hire fire sprinkler repair services so that you can be assured the system will be in working condition when you need it.

Mechanical damage on the hardware

Fire sprinkler systems are installed overhead for a few reasons. To begin with, when your commercial property is ablaze, hot air quickly rises to the ceiling and this is what triggers the fire sprinkler system to activate and release water. Additionally, the overhead installation ensures that the hardware is not in the way and, as such, the fire sprinkler system is not easily triggered or tampered with.

Nonetheless, this elevated installation does not mean that the fire sprinkler system is invulnerable to harm. Renovations, vandalism, and so on can lead to mechanical damages in the form of dents and cracks that will jeopardize the functioning of the system. Not only should you hire fire sprinkler system repair services, but you should also have the professionals install protective enclosures around the sprinkler heads and pipes.

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