How To Decide What To Do With A Steel Building Repair Project

Posted on: 2 February 2022

Repairing work is an almost inevitable part of dealing with a steel building. If you're looking at a potential steel building damage repair job, you need to know how to assess the potential options. Let's look at 5 common options and whether they might be right for your situation.


Maybe you've won the steel building repair lottery. Perhaps a tree limb fell against the structure and left a dent. First, you'll want to have a professional check there isn't something you're not seeing. One option would be to try out Second, they'll need to confirm that pounding the dent out with a hammer is a good idea because too much metal fatigue can cause more problems than it solves. Finally, if hammering is an option, they'll have to fix the dent and treat the surface to prevent rusting.


Okay, there is a hole or gap that's creating problems. A steel building repair contractor will need to inspect the affected area for rust. While rust doesn't always preclude welding, a contractor has to be more careful. They may have to trim some of the affected materials out to prevent the rust from spreading further. Sometimes the problem is limited enough that sanding the area will do the job. The contractor can then weld the hole or seam to tighten things up.


The hole was big enough that a contractor can't just weld it. Unfortunately, they're going to have to apply a patch. They will probably still need to weld. However, they're probably also going to have to remove a noticeable amount of material to create a clean and flat attachment surface for the patch.


Eventually, you may find a section of a steel building too damaged to allow simple fixes. Replacing the components may still be an option. If the original manufacturer is still in business, you should be able to find replacement parts for the structure. Bear in mind, this is especially important if key supports are damaged or rusted. You will want to be sure the replacement components are engineered for your purpose.


Some scenarios won't allow you to just remove sections and replace them. If you have an older building, the manufacturer may not make the parts anymore. Also, the company may not even be in business. Similarly, finding replacement parts for custom structures might not be an option.

At this point, fabrication is the last repair option available. Depending on the nature of the problem, the steel building repair company may need to have a fabricating firm produce the replacement components.