Why You Want Professional Garage Door Spring Replacement, Even If You're Great At Repairs

Posted on: 21 March 2022

It can't be said enough: Replacing garage door springs is a really dangerous job, even for people who are really good at home repairs. This is one repair where calling a professional is a lot safer, and not just because of the main risk of the spring suddenly snapping off and injuring you. There are long-term consequences when the spring is installed incorrectly, and this is precision work that requires more detail than you think.

Spring Length

You have to get the spring length right. For many garage doors, the right spring length is just a matter of finding the right brand and length listed in any owner's guides that came with the door when it was installed. For other garage doors – those that were there when you bought the house and for which you have no idea how long the springs should be, or for very old garage doors where OEM springs may no longer be available – you'd end up guessing what has to be used and hoping you measured correctly. The wrong length either creates more hazards (short springs that snap off) or makes it hard to use the door (long springs that won't open and close the door effectively).

Winding Accuracy

Springs need to be tightened, and that is not something where you're just tightening until it feels right. The spring you have needs to be tightened a certain amount of times and may need adjustment. It's going to be a lot easier for a garage door replacement and repair company to do this because they'll know the correct amount.

Spring Symmetry

If you're having both springs replaced, which is a good idea if you're already replacing one due to age, both need to lift and lower the door the same amount. You don't want one spring looser than the other. When you have a repair person working on the replacement, you might be able to serve as someone who can help monitor how the door looks from the outside when it lowers and opens to see if everything is done evenly. Do this only with the repair person's permission, of course, because you don't want to annoy them.

Garage door spring replacement is not something to take lightly. Have a professional repair company do this work. A bonus is you'll get warranties and guarantees on the parts and labor, rather than having to eat the cost of problems if you did the repair on your own. A site like https://planooverhead.com/ has more information.