A Home Inspector Provides You With Information About The Condition Of A Home Before You Buy It

Posted on: 26 May 2022

A home inspection is a standard procedure before you buy a house. You put in a bid for the home first and then have the inspection before the sale is closed. Your real estate agent will help you navigate the process and let you know what to expect.

The results of the inspection will help you make your final decision on whether to go ahead and buy the home or back out due to damage that was discovered. Here are important points to know about home inspection services when buying a house.

An Inspection May Be Required

If you're pretty good with home improvements, you may inspect the house yourself and feel confident you don't need to pay a home inspector. However, you may still need a home inspection.

Your mortgage lender and insurance company may require an inspection before you'll get your loan or insurance. That's because they want to know the home is in good shape and that it doesn't have a problem that will cause the value of the house to fall after you buy it.

You'll Need To Pay For The Inspection Yourself

The buyer typically pays for the home inspection. When it's time for the inspection, you've already bid on the house, so you should be certain you want to buy it before the inspection is done.

The home inspector might turn up something that makes you change your mind, but most of the time, the inspection finds minor problems or major problems are worked out with the seller so the results won't interfere with the sale.

You Can Attend The Inspection

Your real estate agent will probably go on the inspection if you can't make it. However, you may want to attend the inspection so you get a firsthand view of what the home inspector finds. This gives you a chance to ask questions about potential problems so you understand all issues with the house.

Attending the inspection could be especially helpful if you don't know much about home improvement and the type of work that could be needed before you buy the house. The home inspector can point out things and explain them clearly so you know if the home is a risky purchase or not.

You May Need To Discuss The Results With Others

Your real estate agent should be able to advise you about what to do if a problem is found with the house. Options include asking the buyer to pay for repairs, paying for repairs yourself, or asking the buyer to lower the price of the home. You may also want advice from a knowledgeable friend or a contractor.

If you've fallen in love with the home, you may hate to pass it up, but you want to make sure you don't get stuck with a home that will drain your bank account due to expensive repairs.