5 Ways To Use The Space Freed Up By Remote Workers

Posted on: 2 August 2022

Has part of your workforce shifted to a remote work arrangement? While many companies sent office staff and others home unexpectedly due to the pandemic, some of those employees have now become part of a permanent work-from-home trend. But if all your people aren't going to return to the office full-time, what should you do with the physical office space they no longer need? Here are a few ways to rethink it for better uses.

1. Expand Work Areas

Fewer people in the office building means you can give more space to those who need to work there. Revamp cubicles to make them spacious and more effective work areas. Add space for larger groups to work together on particular projects. Make offices larger. And be sure you provide plenty of generous space for hybrid workers to come in when they need or want to. 

2. Add or Remove Walls

Is your office a cubicle farm with few or no walls and doors, as you've had to make the most of limited space? Or perhaps you have a series of offices that separate employees from one another, for better or worse. This is a time to rethink the barriers between work areas. Turn an open floor plan into generous and private offices. Or tear down those walls and let people collaborate more. 

3. Create Lounge Areas

Today's in-person and hybrid workers deserve the flexibility in the environment that home-based workers have. Can you use your office space to give them more of it? Turn some of the old working spaces into a chic new break room, add lounge seating for relaxation and impromptu collaboration, or make the waiting area more comfortable and entertaining for visitors. 

4. Improve Conference Facilities

Both hybrid and remote work rely on good technological connections. You need to be able to meet and work with remote staff through videoconferencing, computer sharing, remote networks, and project software. Investing in better technology and devoting space to these areas is an investment in the success of your business. 

5. Install an Amenity

What would your employees like to have on-site? Talk with those who currently work some or all of the time in the office as well as those who might be lured back in. Would they like an in-office gym? A stocked employee café? More outdoor space? A nap room? Rec room? Pets in the office? Use your money and space savings to improve the in-office experience for all.

Where to Start

No matter what you could be doing with that unused office space, the best place to start is by consulting with a commercial construction contractor in your area. With their guidance and your vision, you'll soon have a great new way for all your employees to work effectively.  

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