3 Benefits Of Using Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Posted on: 23 November 2022

While people often use new wood flooring in their homes, you can also use reclaimed wood products. This wood has been used before, often for the same purpose. So, for example, you might put down wood that was once part of a floor in an old building. The wood will have been cleaned up and, in some cases, treated to get it ready to use again. 

What are the benefits of using reclaimed wood for your home's floors?

1. Get a Unique Appearance

New wood floors do look good; however, you might feel that they look a little uniform for your tastes. If you want an unusual or unique look, then you'll get this with reclaimed wood. These timbers have aged in place. They have their own charm and character. They have a unique color, tone, and sheen that only comes from years of use. You won't see the same floors in anyone else's home.

Plus, if you want non-standard-sized floor planks, then reclaimed timber is a great option. Older wood floor planks were often wider than today's narrow planks. Again, this unusual size makes a floor stand out.

2. Get Aged Strength

Even though new wood floors are treated, they can change as they settle. Over the years, floors can change shape when they are exposed to heat or moisture. You might need to replace planks or even whole floors if the wood swells, splits, or bows and doesn't go back to its natural shape.

Reclaimed wood is more resilient to change. Old wood floors have gone through this process in the past. They will have been exposed to moisture and heat already. They will have a defined and permanent shape and state. They've dried out completely.

So, the floors you put down should be stronger and more resilient to ambient conditions. They'll last longer and will need fewer repairs and less maintenance.

3. Get Environmentally-Friendly Floors

If you want real wood floors, then you might worry about the environmental impact of your purchase. New wood floors deplete natural timber supplies and add to deforestation problems. You might not be comfortable using hardwood floors given how long it takes for hardwood supplies to replenish.

If you use reclaimed wood, then you don't put these burdens on the environment. You are recycling old trees rather than cutting down new ones. You'll be more environmentally responsible. Plus, you reuse wood that might otherwise have gone into a landfill. This decreases unnecessary landfill burdens.

To find out more, talk to reclaimed wood suppliers and ask about their flooring products and services.