Do You Need A New Well On Your Client's Property?

Posted on: 7 December 2022

Whether you are building a new home or you have an existing home you're adding onto and you are dealing with a private well situation, it's important to know if you need new residential water well drilling on the property or not. This is a service that must be hired out to professionals who know how to do residential water well drilling — often, a well pump company.

Even if there's an existing well on the land, your customer may need a new one. Sometimes a well is too shallow to be of good use, or it is on the wrong part of your property and in the way of any property addition and growth. If a residential property is in need of a new well, then a residential water well drilling service needs to be contacted right away. Here are signs this is a need in the property you are working on so you can make the homeowner aware and get a residential water well drilling specialist out to the property as soon as you can. All work must halt until the water well issue is resolved if the renovation or home completion is in the way of water projects or use.

The existing well is collapsed or pulling silt

Any water well that has been drilled too shallow or has collapsed will start to have silt show up in the water that is drawn up. Residential water well drilling will have to be done to either deepen an existing well, reinforce what is there, or create a whole new well on another part of a property. It's all dependent on what the homeowner would like to do, what they can afford, and what the residential water well drilling service company suggests.

There is no existing well

If you're building on a new foundation or land, then there will have to be a septic system and a residential water well installed on the property before you can begin work. Perhaps the homeowner doesn't know this, but if you want to get started on a home remodel or complete home construction, then have a residential water well drilling service come out and complete this part of the home project before you can continue with your build.

A residential water well drilling service company can come out and test various locations on your client's land to determine where a well should be drilled. Once this is completed, you can continue with your home construction project.