3 Reasons To Paint An Interior Door A Different Color

Posted on: 16 March 2023

In most of the rooms throughout your home, an interior door that leads into a room will have the same color of paint as the walls of the room. There's nothing wrong with this look, but you may wish to consider a different approach. One popular trend to consider is keeping the walls of the room a neutral color but painting the door in a vibrant hue. A local painting contractor can not only do the work for you, but may also be able to look at some rooms in your home and suggest some unique colors for the doors. Here are three reasons to paint an interior door in this way.

Vibrant Look

While a room that has white or off-white paint on each of its walls will look clean and open, you may feel that the room lacks a little visual vibrancy. Although adding colorful decorative elements to the walls in the room may be one solution for you to consider, another option is to paint the room's door a bright color. Doing so will unquestionably add a cheerful and vibrant look to the space. For example, in a room with white walls, a blue or yellow door will add a splash of color that elevates the look of the whole room.

Not Visually Dominant

Some people who want a particular room to have a bright and cheery look might think of painting the entire room in a chosen color. While this can work in certain instances, it can also be too visually dominant. For example, you might like the look of red, but once you have a painter paint each of the walls in a room in this color, you might feel that the color is simply too intense. Keeping the walls neutral and painting the door red will add color without being dominant in the same way as painting the entire room.

Match With Hallway

You might think about painting an interior door in your home so that it's a good match with the color of the hallway. For example, if you have a neutral-colored room with a brightly colored hallway outside of it, having a neutral-colored door may stand out in the hallway for the wrong reasons. This can be a good time to paint the door in a bright color that matches the look of the hallway. Not only will the outer side of the door suit the hallway, but the inner side of the door will provide a bright and appealing look in the room.

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