When Should You Schedule Commercial Land Surveys?

Posted on: 30 June 2023

Construction, expansion, and development of commercial properties are complex projects with many considerations. Before any work can begin on a new commercial project, you need to understand the lay of the land. That's why scheduling a commercial land survey before beginning any new development or construction project is essential. 

Surveying gives you important information about boundaries, measurements, and title research. Here are four circumstances when you should schedule a commercial land survey before starting any project.

When Purchasing Commercial Property

Acquiring a commercial property is a significant investment. Before you make any decisions, it's vital to ensure the legal boundaries of the property are accurate and clear. Understanding the property's exact boundaries can help you determine the purchase price and potential areas for expansion, development, or improvement. You should also research any easements or encroachments that could affect land use. A qualified surveyor will help you determine these points before purchasing.

Before Building or Developing Property

Constructing a commercial building requires accurate measurements and careful planning. Before beginning, you need to know the exact boundaries of your property and understand any additional requirements from local laws or zoning regulations. The surveyor will provide a detailed topographical map of the property's features, like wetlands and drainage patterns, that could affect building plans. You'll also get information about any additional considerations for the project, including permits and regulations.

Before Subdividing or Consolidating the Property

Subdividing or consolidating land requires careful analysis and understanding of existing boundaries. You'll need to adhere to local zoning ordinances or restrictions, and the surveyor will help you understand these requirements. If you are consolidating or subdividing property for lease, sale, or development, the surveyor will provide a clear and accurate depiction of the boundaries. This way, your tenants and buyers can understand the exact size of their parcels.

When There is an Ongoing Dispute

Disputes over property boundaries can arise from many situations, such as encroachments or changes in boundary lines. In this case, hiring a qualified surveyor to resolve the dispute is essential. The surveyor will review relevant documents and create a detailed map of the property's legal boundaries. By accurately depicting your land, you'll have an objective resource to resolve boundary disputes.

A commercial land survey is necessary for any property construction, development, or purchase. It can provide invaluable information about the boundaries and features of the land so you can make informed decisions. 

Contact a local commercial land surveyor to learn more.